Mechanical Design

Design requirements and objectives (DR&O), Conceptual design, 2D & 3D CAD services, Detail design, Production drawings, Design optimization, Critical design review (CDR)

The Need

  • Do you need engineering support to complement your team?

  • Does your product or process need an engineering review to address performance issues or add new features?

  • Are you planning to launch a new product but don’t want to add to your staff?

  • Do you need to revisit your product design to reduce manufacturing costs and reduce quality issues?

If you have any product, process or machine development engineering needs, a full-service engineering solution is a phone call away.

The Benefits

  • Utilize our engineering experience and expertise without adding to your staff

  • Outsource engineering projects for efficient and responsive completion

  • Let your team focus on your core business and let us drive R&D efforts

  • Increase competitiveness by addressing customer concerns quickly

  • Reduce product development lead time by tapping into external engineering resources

How it works?

  • Design: We work with the customer’s team to define and establish design requirements and objectives (DR&O). We utilize 3D CAD tools to present the preferred conceptual design and work with the customer to narrow the design down and initiate detail design stage

  • Analysis: The design will be then verified using appropriate analysis tools such as FEA followed by FMEA or other risk analysis methods based on project needs

  • Rapid Prototyping: A prototype will be produced using 3D printing tools or traditional manufacturing methods as proof of concept to validate the design functions and features

  • DFM: Design for manufacturing will be performed to apply tolerances, generate production drawings, and optimize manufacturing costs

  • Testing: To validate the design before releasing to production will involve simple or comprehensive set of tests to assure product performance.

Next Step

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