We are a manufacturing-focused provider of operations management, engineering and automation services.

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TECHAM SOLUTIONS is a provider of operations management solutions and engineering services to businesses in the field of manufacturing. The company was established in Wichita, KS and has been in business since 2015. Located in the air capital of the world, we used our experience from the highly competitive aerospace industry and used it to offer operations and engineering solutions focused on value generation for our clients.


We have served businesses in aerospace, machinery, electrical, agricultural, medical and food industries. Our customers include small businesses, medium-sized and large enterprises with different needs. We take pride in providing a solution that focuses on each customer’s need and the value they receive through the service. We seek to be a partner that provides the opportunity for the Customer to focus only on its core business.




Hessam Vali, PhD, MBA, CSSGB

Managing Director & Partner

Operations Management


Hessam leads the company in providing operations management solutions. He has deep expertise in lean manufacturing and operational excellence, quality management systems and supply chain management. He holds a PhD degree in industrial and manufacturing engineering as well as an MBA in finance. He is also a Professional Project Manager with more than 10 years of experience in managing technical projects and driving the operations and processes optimization programs. His strong educational background and many years of hands on experience in manufacturing makes him a great resource to analyze complex operation systems and propose the most effective solutions compatible with clients’ needs.


Mahdi Kashani, PhD

Managing Director & Partner

Engineering Services


Mahdi leads the company in providing engineering and technical services. He has hands on experience in designing new products and supporting legacy assets. Through his engineering career, he worked on all stages of product development and support. His exposure to several new product and manufacturing method developments as well as mass production and job shop support gives him a thorough understanding of all aspects of engineering services. With advanced degrees in both mechanical and manufacturing engineering, he has the knowledge as well as hands on experience in managing engineering teams to guide complex projects from start to finish.

The Team

Our team includes a number of highly qualified engineers. We have dynamically adjusted our staff of industrial, mechanical and electrical engineers per each project needs. We identify talent through our professional network and staff each project appropriately to optimize the overall outcome and maximize the value for each customer. We manage the entire lifecycle of the project to assure the goals of project are achieved with appropriate level of quality, within budget and per schedule.

Discussing the Numbers