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Business Intelligence

Business decisions require access to the right information. Let our team of operational professionals help you effortlessly visualize insights.

The Need

Making right decisions requires access to right information in the right format, when needed. Business intelligence and cloud-based dashboard platforms are new powerful solutions that provide tangible value to all levels of an organization. These platforms allow the users to connect to and visualize any data using a unified, scalable platform for self-service business intelligence that’s easy to use and helps to gain deeper data insight.

This will allow making decisions with confidence and saves a significant amount of data crunching time for your most valuable managers and employees by automating data processing that transforms raw data to relevant information to enable effective, fast, and easy data-driven decision making.

The Benefits

•       Agile decision making

•       Realtime information always at your fingertip using automated connections

•       Create exceptional data experiences that can easily get customized to your needs

•       Visualize big data effortlessly

•       Save time by automating data preparation for management and executive reports

•       Eliminate the need to export data from ERP or other business platforms to generate reports

•       Eliminate non-value-added communications and inquiries for data and focus on what matters

How it works?

Implementing a business intelligence solution across your business can be done easily. The initial investment to access such services is relatively low and can be done in planned stages. We work with your team to understand the needs and create a roadmap to achieve the desired outcome. We will then identify the existing data sources that are currently in use within your business and create other needed datasets and warehouses to support the business intelligence program.

After establishing the connections to the selected platforms, we work with your team and create the reports per an agreed upon plan. We typically begin with one business unit as the pilot and create live reports that have the most impact. All aspects of the business will be gradually added to the system with appropriate level of access to create a complete picture of business performance at the end of the effort.

We will create the dashboards per your team’s input, so they can focus on their primary duties. That minimizes the impact on your team’s time to implement this powerful solution.

Why Techam?

Techam Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of business intelligence services tailored specifically for manufacturers. We go beyond just creating user-friendly, informative, interactive, and real-time reports. As an operations management company with over 50 years of experience in Lean, OpEx, Operations Management, and Lean Accounting, we bring a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table that is often missing from other business intelligence providers.

Our deep understanding of Lean principles and operations management enables us to provide our clients with insights that are meaningful, actionable, and geared towards improving their operations and financial performance. We help our clients identify areas for improvement, optimize processes, reduce waste, and drive efficiencies across the organization.

At Techam Solutions, we understand that business intelligence is not just about collecting data and creating reports. It's about using that data to drive operational and financial improvements that benefit the entire organization. Our Lean expertise allows us to work with clients from the shop floor to the top floor to ensure that our reports are tailored to the needs of each stakeholder group, and that our recommendations are actionable and aligned with the organization's goals.

In short, Techam Solutions offers a unique blend of business intelligence and Lean operations management expertise that is unmatched in the industry. We are committed to helping our clients make data-driven decisions that move the operational and financial needles and drive sustainable business growth.

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