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Our lean transformation consulting approach begins with a rapid plant assessment that diagnoses the overall health of your operations system. We then create a customized roadmap for implementation and sustainment of the required processes and solutions. We bring to the table decades of experience in operational leadership and continuous improvement. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to prepare the organization for taking over and sustaining the entire system independently. 

01 Assessment
Approach 4 step.png
02 Implementation

1. Rapid Plant Assessment

We use Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) to diagnose the operation’s leanness based on a quick plant tour. This process can be completed by our operations experts independently, however, we recommend performing the assessment alongside your team to increase effectiveness and buy-in. We then consolidate the results to discuss them with your team to agree upon the status of the operations system. The results are then summarized into a report that is used as the basis for developing a roadmap and create a priority list of actions to improve the state of the operations.

2. Hands-on Implementation

We work with your team to execute the developed roadmap by applying lean tools, analytics, automation, industry 4.0, and other enabling technologies. We implement the solutions by embedding resources, coaching, and training to engage employees. We will support the effort at the appropriate level for enterprise-wide initiatives, site-specific programs, or targeted improvement projects.

3. Supervised Sustainment

We link the processes to measurable metrics whether it’s your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily KPIs, so the progress is visible, and benefits are tangible. We work with your team to enable them to maintain the developed excellence culture and upgraded operations systems. We develop an internal lean certification program to systematically sustain the continuous improvement culture and keep employees motivated and engaged in this transformation journey.

4. Knowledge Transfer

We work with your team at all levels to make sure they learn and retain new skills throughout the engagement. We hold workshops and facilitate kaizens to create an opportunity for you people to learn the process as they perform it. The trainings are customized to your organization’s needs to empower your team for a smooth hand off. We formalize the trainings through creating certifications and provide frameworks to positively tie them into the performance management and engagement programs.

03 Sutainment
04 Knowledge Transfe
Business Meeting

Begin Your Transformation Journey.

When you engage professionals who have experience implementing and sustaining operational excellence program in several different industries, you get to maximize your chances of success by doing it right the first time and taking advantage of best practices. 


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