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Our lean transformation consulting approach begins with a rapid plant assessment that diagnoses the overall health of your operations system. We then create a customized roadmap for implementation and sustainment of the required processes and solutions. We bring to the table decades of experience in operational leadership and continuous improvement. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to prepare the organization for taking over and sustaining the entire system independently. 

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Rapid Plant Assessment

We use Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) to diagnose the operation’s leanness based on a quick plant tour. This process can be completed by our operations experts independently, however, we recommend performing the assessment alongside your team to increase effectiveness and buy-in. We then consolidate the results to discuss them with your team to agree upon the status of the operations system. The results are then summarized into a report that is used as the basis for developing a roadmap and create a priority list of actions to improve the state of the operations.

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