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Quality Management System

Techam Solutions works with manufacturing teams to implement, maintain and audit quality management systems and customer-specific quality requirements.

The Benefits

  • Improve quality of products and services

  • Boost efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profit

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Enhance operations consistency

  • Enhance reporting and communications

  • Improve management and employee morale

  • Achieve International Quality Recognition

How it works

  • We will work with your team to analyze your existing system and identify the gaps that need to be addressed to comply with your desired QMS standard

  • We will tailor an implementation plan for your specific needs and communicate it clearly with your team

  • We will enhance the engagement and motivation of staff by training, involvement and improved communication

  • We will assist you through implementation, audit and successful certification

  • We will also provide post-certification maintenance services to support internal audit and recertification audits


We offer exceptional customer-focused consultation services with competitive cost structure and realistic timelines. Deliverables include management consolations, training sessions, system manual and procedures, internal audit and certification audit support.

Certification Fee

Techam Solutions will prepare your business for certification. The actual certification can only be provided by an accredited certification body. The fees for certification vary depending on the size and complexity of your business and is composed of two parts: initial assessment and annual surveillance.

Next Step

Contact us to arrange a no obligation appointment to find out more about which quality management system is ideal solution for your business.

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