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Industrial Automation

We assess, develop and implement industrial automation solutions for firms looking to reduce risk, labor uncertainty and operational costs.

The Need

  • Do you need to reduce your operating costs while improving quality and lead times to achieve competitive advantage?

  • Do you need to reduce safety risks?

  • Do you need to increase production output?

The Benefits

  • Automation can lower the operating costs significantly through reducing labor costs, energy savings, and cost of quality.

  • Automated cells remove workers from dangerous or repetitive tasks.

  • Automation can improve process control and significantly reduce lead times.

  • Automation decreases cycle times significantly, reducing cost per part and allow you to compete on a global scale.

  • A custom automated machine or a robotic cell can increase production output that would allow you meet customer demand without increasing headcount.

How it works?

  • Assessment: Our experienced operations and technology experts will study your existing processes, map the current state, identify the gaps and creates requirements and objectives for the capex project.

  • Develop Solution: We will work with your team to identify and develop the right solution that meets the project requirements. We will assist with identifying and engaging appropriate contractors for successful execution.

  • Project Management: The project could be executed by one supplier or several contractors depending on the complexity and size of the project. We provide project management services that provide visibility and makes sure on time completion and resolve roadblocks and issues.

  • Implementation: We will oversee the technical implementation of the system on your behalf, so your team can focus on your core business and ongoing operations. We will coordinate the required activities, validation runs, and smooth integration into your operations.

  • Training: We will work with your team and suppliers to make sure operators get the training and documentation to set them up for success. We will also make sure a holistic maintenance program and documentation is created for predictable sustainment of the system.

Business Meeting

Empower Your Team.

Let's start a conversation about how you can benefit from our services to meet your needs and grow faster.

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