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Design & Engineering

Utilize our engineering experience to complement your mechanical CAD design team. We offer support and consultation to keep your team focused on core business needs.

The Need

  • Do you need engineering support to complement your team?

  • Do you need CAD services to convert your paper drawings or create 3D models?

  • Do you need to revisit your product design to reduce manufacturing costs and reduce quality issues?

  • Does your product or process need an engineering review to address performance issues or add new features?

The Benefits

  • Utilize our engineering experience and expertise without committing to additional staff.

  • Let your team focus on your core business and let us drive short term projects and R&D efforts.

  • Outsource engineering projects for efficient and timely completion.

  • Increase competitiveness by addressing customer needs quickly.

  • Reduce product development lead time by tapping into external engineering resources.

How it works?

  • CAD: Our CAD services are provided with minimum burden to your team. We will collect the required information and paper drawings to generate complete 3D models of your products and generate 2D drawings to support your procurement, engineering, and manufacturing needs.

  • Design: We work with your team to define and establish design requirements and objectives (DR&O). We present preferred conceptual designs and work with your team to narrow the design options down and proceed to detail design.

  • DFM: Design for manufacturing concepts will be utilized to optimize manufacturing costs and designing quality into the products.

  • Analysis: The design will be verified using appropriate analysis tools such as finite element analysis (FEA).

  • Verification and Validation: To validate the design before releasing to production, appropriate set of validation approaches and tests can be performed or managed to assure the product meets the design requirements.

Business Meeting

Empower Your Team.

Let's start a conversation about how you can benefit from our services to meet your needs and grow faster.

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