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Business Intelligence Boosts Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer: 30% Scheduling Compliance Increase


A manufacturing organization in general industrial sector engaged Techam Solutions to assist with a corporate level challenge to address unfavorable business performance. This was a complex challenge due to their multi-site operations that spanned over several states with disconnected corporate and plant level information.


After careful assessment of the client’s business processes and its operations systems, we identified lack of access to the right information at the right time as one of the root causes of many unnecessary tasks, operational interruptions, and unnecessary communications.

We developed and implemented a holistic business and operations intelligence solution using Microsoft Power BI. The system automatically connects to the existing platforms, including ERP, and automatically creates and communicates necessary reports and KPIs that cover all aspects of the business.


By implementing a complete solution, the business uncovered many root causes and empowered all managers at the plant and corporate level with real-time and effortless information. The tool resulted in several significant benefits that a few of them are listed below:

  • Saved 8 hours of report making across the leadership team every week

  • 25% improvement in pricing accuracy

  • 30% improvement in scheduling compliance

  • 2 weeks reduction in product lead time



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