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New normal in QMS internal auditing….

To support your business during these unprecedented circumstances, we would like to offer virtual internal audit as a service in preparation for your certification or maintenance needs. We will do everything we can to make our services available and adapt to the current business needs.

The safety of our customers and consultants is our main concern as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. We will monitor and closely follow state, federal and local agencies, including the CDC and other health organizations guidelines regarding human contact. Should these guidelines change, we will adjust our operations accordingly.

Following the CDC recommendations of protective measures against COVID-19, especially social distancing, we are introducing Virtual Internal 9001 audits, by which, we can minimize the time and in-person interactions needed during an on-site audit. We expect the virtual audit to be very productive as it is more focused with little to no interruptions.

To successfully complete the virtual internal audit, your company must have a portable device (laptop, iPad) with a reliable high-speed internet that is accessible everywhere in the company. In case you don’t have a preferred online conferencing platform for communication and secure document sharing, Techam will use its own secure online conferencing tool. As an alternate solution, exchanging documents via email and a conference call will do the job.

After successful completion of the virtual internal audit, which is accepted by registrars, a brief on-site audit might be required to verify the fulfillment of the audit objectives, capturing pieces of evidence that are required by our auditors and executive committees.

The current situation might change the way business is done with increased teleworking and utilization of the available technologies. The virtual internal audit might become mainstream soon.

Stay safe and keep on improving!



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