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25% Risk reduction through FMEA

TECHAM SOLUTIONS had the opportunity to facilitate process FMEA workshops for two product lines of one of our customers in the field of industrial manufacturing. We worked with a team of professionals representing different functions including purchasing, production, assembly, quality, and sales to identify potential failure modes in production of a complex assembly with several hundred different components. The team listed potential effects of failure modes and assigned a severity rating that was customized to align with specific business objectives. For each potential effect, potential causes were identified and an occurrence ranking was assigned. The team also identified current process controls and assigned a detection ranking.

After completing the list, we sorted it based on risk priority number (RPN) and a list of action items was developed. Our team then developed a rolling action item list (RAIL) and tracked progress and completion of each action item.

It was a pleasure to watch the team attack the tasks per schedule and reduce the total level of risk, which directly affected the first pass yield (FPY) of the product line. The team was able to reduce the total level of risk by 31% in one production line and by 25% in the second one.

Do you have a process that can benefit from this tool? We would love to partner up and facilitate a workshop for your team. Please Contact Us for further information.



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