Engineering Analysis

Perform finite element analysis (FEA) and computer aided engineering (CAE) including classical analysis, static and fatigue analysis. Design of experiments for verification and validation and testing support

The Need

  • Do you need engineering support to complement your team?

  • Does your product or process need an engineering review to address performance issues or add new features?

  • Are you planning to launch a new product but don’t want to add to your staff?

  • Do you need to revisit your product design to reduce manufacturing costs and reduce quality issues?

If you have any product, process or machine development engineering needs, a full-service engineering solution is a phone call away.

The Benefits

  • Utilize our engineering experience and expertise without adding to your staff

  • Outsource engineering projects for efficient and responsive completion

  • Let your team focus on your core business and let us drive R&D efforts

  • Increase competitiveness by addressing customer concerns quickly

  • Reduce product development lead time by tapping into external engineering resources

How it works?

  • Design: We work with the customer’s team to define and establish design requirements and objectives (DR&O). We utilize 3D CAD tools to present the preferred conceptual design and work with the customer to narrow the design down and initiate detail design stage

  • Analysis: The design will be then verified using appropriate analysis tools such as FEA followed by FMEA or other risk analysis methods based on project needs

  • Rapid Prototyping: A prototype will be produced using 3D printing tools or traditional manufacturing methods as proof of concept to validate the design functions and features

  • DFM: Design for manufacturing will be performed to apply tolerances, generate production drawings, and optimize manufacturing costs

  • Testing: To validate the design before releasing to production will involve simple or comprehensive set of tests to assure product performance.

Next Step

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